Turkish Hospitality

A culture of hospitality and friendship is so prevalent in Turkey, guests are treated like family onboard and not even mass tourism has not diminished this part of the Turkish culture. Even before you step onboard Ahmet, the boat owner and captain will be contactable at any time to answer all of your questions, help with airport transfers or making arrangements for any special occasions you may have whilst onboard. Arriving at Fethiye harbor Ahmet and his crew will be there to welcome you onboard and throughout the trip displaying a perfect balance of discretion and friendship with their guests, a genuine warmth mixed with effortless boundaries.

Onboard Cheers the crew will stay behind the scenes creating a perfect environment for guests, ensuring it feels like your private boat. After years of experience with guests, Ahmet and his crew have an instinct on the kind of trip you are looking for. They will talk to friends who crew other boats looking for empty bays to keep it private, if it’s a party trip onboard they’ll make sure of a guaranteed fun night in Smugglers Inn with other boats and similar guests. They’ll be there when you need something, always laughing with each other, always joking. If you leave something behind, guaranteed it will come back to you after they phone other boats heading your way to pick it up, if you need anything (not that there is anything to need) one phone call is all it takes to make it happen, and you won’t do anything except sit back on deck and relax.

The livelihood of Cheers Yachting is dependent on tourists, Ahmet and his crew are dedicated to you enjoying your trip as much as possible, for them the biggest compliment is being able to welcome back returning guests, or their friends booking after a recommendation. They are proud of their country and want you to experience the best time onboard. Turkey has a long history of being the bridge between East and West they are culturally used to travelers and tourists, recognizing the fact that humanity is full of different cultures and having a good understanding of that.

Enroute you will experience small family run boats selling the most delicious pancakes or tourist souvenirs, bracelets, clothing, sarongs. Look into the eyes of these people, look at the smiles on their faces, there is only kindness here regardless of whether you make a purchase or not, although you will want to. Watch the love that goes into the pancakes, homemade, fresh, delicious and made with love, watch the conversation between the crew and the boat people, see the smiles and recognition on their faces like good friends reuniting with so much care and respect for each other.

Firmly ingrained in Turkish culture is a tradition of sharing is caring, if a boat experiences any problems or they’re running out of wine on one boat everyone will be helped by another boat crew, it’s a privilege to watch this, to be part of this experience, and disappointing to realize how lost this behavior is in other countries. You will leave feeling richer for your experiences onboard, your experiences of Turkish hospitality.