Gulet Holiday

Cheers Gulet Holiday Moments

Imagine waking up on deck to the start of a new day onboard, water is lapping on the side of the boat, the air is fresh and pure. The sky is changing colours of purples, reds, orange, and yellows as the sun begins to rise. Sitting up, your eyes are drawn to the sea, watching it moving slowly, shimmering in the sun, the glass-like surface is broken for a second as a turtle surfaces to breathe. You are glued to it, watching the water rings open out around the turtle as the surface was broken, everyone is sleeping, you have no phone handy to grab a photo but that moment is now etched in your mind. A special moment between you and the majestical turtle that surfaced to breathe who is now heading back to depth in search of breakfast.

Stepping on to the deck, breathing in the sea air, taking in the beautiful views around you. Spending a holiday at sea surrounded by nature’s best calms the mind, relaxes everyday tensions and rejuvenates your outlook on life. Changing quickly into swim gear, grabbing a snorkel and mask and take a jump into the beautiful blue sea there is no better way to start the day.

Returning back to the boat, rinsing off with a quick fresh-water shower feeling refreshed and awake. The rest of the boat is waking up slowly and the crew are up organising breakfast. You and your friends sit down to a table filled with fresh fruits and vegetables, eggs, olives, cheeses and breads. Relaxing into a seat at the table, pouring a fresh cup of coffee, smiling at friends across the table, chatting and laughing with each other, you can’t imagine ever feeling stressed again.

This time everyone onboard takes a dip in the sea, marvelling at the underwater world, shouting out as flying fish are disturbed and glide not far from you. Stretching out, moving your body in the water, splashing and laughing with friends. Smiling for the camera a friend has taken out on a kayak to capture your holiday moments. Eventually swimming back to the boat, drying off, pouring another cup of coffee and walking to the front of the deck to take in the view.

Sit back and enjoy your coffee, as the crew start to untie the ropes, the engine goes on, the anchor comes up and you cruise away. Watching your overnight stop shrink smaller and smaller as you glide across the sea, listening to the ocean and watching the breath-taking scenery change as you start to travel to your next destination. This is a typical morning onboard Cheers gulet boat, moments that will stay close to your heart forever.